by HappyMOM

I am a mother whom is very controlling and not so easy going to the needs of my child. I have tried other daycares in town, and must say Discovery Childrens Academy has put great ease to my day!! My son has special needs and I am not very trusting leaving him with anyone. DCA is a great place for children to build their social skills (Which my son needs). When looking into a daycare, people must keep in mind that this is not a “school” it is a daycare. The structure is going to be more relaxed. If structure is what some parents are looking for then find a private school to do so!!! DCA and any other daycare of child care providers may not always have certified teachers, again they are CHILD CARE PROVIDERS, they care for our children while we are at work!! I expect socializing and working in groups are more important at daycares than learning ABC’s and 123’s…that is what our children attend public or private schools for.

When I was looking into facilities I looked for safety, competency, trustworty, truthful and cleanliness…DCA is all of those things! I often wonder why people post negative remarks about any facility as there is always two sides to every story. Wonder what the story is to these nay sayers! I invite those that are speaking negative to better explain a situation so people can have a real understanding to the negative remarks. That would be more helpful than just slamming the facility. I hope that the story is truthful and all facts given too. As a parent, I am not going to just take someone’s word for it!

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