Inclement Weather Closings

Discovery Children’s Academy makes every effort to be open on all weekdays of the year, except holidays as noted. We realize that parents need to work and that reliable childcare is very important. However, there are times when it is not safe or feasible to operate the facility, such as acts of nature (snow, etc.) and God (tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.). In those circumstances, closures will be the same as those for Midlothian I.S.D. Radio and television stations broadcast this information. If this information is not available or if the public schools are not in session, Center closing will be left to the discretion of the Executive Officers.

If the Center needs to close during the day while your child is already in attendance, we will be contacting daytime phone numbers as provided by you so that you may make arrangements to pick up your child immediately.

Weather closings that fall on weekdays are not subject to reimbursement.

Field trips will not be attempted if weather conditions present a hazard.

Transportation will NOT be provided to school during inclement weather.