Adjusting to the Center

It is quite normal for some children to experience some separation anxiety when a parent leaves. This is especially true at the beginning of a child’s stay at the Center. Children may approach this new experience with hesitation since they have not yet formed secure attachments with their teachers or classmates. Please be assured that the teachers and the Director will assist the parent and child during this time. We will help the parent find the best way to say good-bye for the day. Sometimes it may require that the parents stay for a little while so that both the child and parent feel comfortable. If the parent has a positive feeling about leaving, this is transmitted to the child. However, if the parent is overly anxious, the child will sense this. Children can be prepared for the adjustment of “going to school” in several ways:

  • Visit as often as necessary until you see that your child feels secure and comfortable.
  • Talk to your child about where you are going, what he or she will be doing, and when you will return.
  • Acknowledge your child’s feelings and offer comfort, support, and assurance.
  • Always say good-bye before you leave. Good-byes build trust. Repeated good-byes strengthen the child’s belief that you will return.
  • Upon picking up your child, take a moment to share in his or her activity. This will leave the child with positive thoughts and feelings about the Center.
  • The best support you can give is to be enthusiastic and encouraging – and be patient. If you need reassurance or further suggestions for helping your child feel more at ease, speak to your child’s teacher and the Director.