Our Mission

Discovery Children’s Academy’s mission is to provide a quality comprehensive early childhood environment for nurturing and facilitating the growth and development of young children.

Our Center’s Philosophy

Discovery Children’s Academy offers the opportunity for each child to develop physically, socially, and cognitively according to individual learning style. Each child is considered unique in temperament and rate of development. Curriculum is planned to enhance and challenge particular, distinct individual needs, interests, and abilities. Activities and relationships occur in a healthy, positive and relaxed environment in which a well-qualified staff provides personal attention, guidance and nurturing to each child.

The Center strives to maintain continuity and consistency throughout the program by conducting cooperative staff planning, training, and a variety of joint activities involving the various groups of children. In this context, all caregivers are encouraged to express their individual pedagogical strengths as they work with individual children and in their cooperative efforts with other staff members. The Center is also committed to the continuing education of our employees.