Field Trips

Field trips are an integral part of our program. Parents will be asked to sign a blanket permission slip for local trips upon enrollment. To better ensure the safety of the children, colored T-shirt will be issued to your child. The shirt is to be worn over your child’s clothing. This will aid the teachers in easily identifying / locating the members of their group. The teachers also wear colored T-shirt, so that the children can easily identify / locate them. (Please see the Director for the current fee of the shirt).

Parents will be notified via posting in the foyer at least 48 hours in advance of the field trip. This information will include: when and where the children are going, and when the children are expected to return to the Center.

Children as well as staff must follow all safety rules and procedures as well as state licensing requirements. All drivers have received training in bus / van safety.

Parents are welcome to accompany their child on field trips when possible. Parents are responsible for their cost of the field trip and may be required to provide their own transportation.