When you enter Discovery Children’s Academy, you will notice that the classrooms are arranges into learning centers. These include family living, blocks, library, discovery, manipulative, music, creative art, and an outdoor area. Each center is filled with materials that enrich the child’s experience in ways that are not always evident at first. For example, when children play with blocks we often think that they are just stacking objects. Children are actually developing large and fine muscle control, visual discrimination, logical thinking, and problem solving skills. They are learning math, science, and socializing with other children. Often when a parent asks a child what he or she did in “school”, a response might be, “I just played.” Feel good in knowing that play means developing readiness concepts, prompting social and emotional development, language skills, fine and gross motor coordination, sensory motor abilities, perceptual skills, and conceptual skills. These are presented to the children through various experiences.

The centers follow a language-based program. Activities will be developmentally appropriate and challenge children’s thinking as they start to understand written and oral language concepts. They will be exposed to language through reading, writing, singing, and cooking.